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My brand new book is out NOW!

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I’ve written my guide to surviving grief for anyone who has suffered or may soon experience a loss. I share personal experience where relevant but mainly  collate all of the knowledge i have been privileged to acquire from my bereaved clients who have entrusted me to coach them through their despair and anguish. Each chapter has a case study as its backbone and you get to benefit from all of the perspective shifting questions that i ask within its narrative. There is no one size fits all approach to grief so i empower you to find your own solutions in each area of grief we are likely to encounter.



Stay up to date and keep moving forwards with Jeff Brazier
My sessions are 1 hour long and can be face to face at my practice at The Shard, London Bridge, over Skype or over the phone.

Become a Life Coach


If you’re looking to become a life coach I can certainly vouch for the experience as a whole.

There are two main benefits; you spend a certain amount of time each week simply helping people which in turn creates a very strong sense of satisfaction and fulfilment. Read more by clicking the link below.

Welcome to jeff-brazier.com

I’m a Life coach in the truest sense of the term. I’ve comeback from my own personal life recovery and have helped hundreds of clients to achieve the goals that once seemed beyond their reach covering all the fun areas of life that we unfortunately encounter such as separation, bereavement, anxiety, stress and habitual negativity for no other reason than because I LOVE what I do.

I’m now also trained as an NLP Practitioner which allows me to eliminate issues such as negative beliefs and fears in a more process based approach in tandem with Coaching’s attention to specific detail so I now have two tool boxes full of techniques that might just make the difference in your life as it has done for so many before you!

Through this site you can book me, contact me, read about me, watch me, learn with me, apply to be a coach like me, look at me (If that’s your thing?) the only thing you cant do is look like me which is probably a good thing, especially if you’re a woman.