I learnt today that one good blog makes such a difference. Just like a chat with a good friend, getting things down on paper, having a coaching session or taking the time out to focus on the direction you’re going makes you feel so much better. 

Thank you for all of your feedback yesterday too. Its great to hear each day that no matter what subject we touch on, for somebody, somewhere it completely hits the spot and makes a big difference to their direction!

Why do I feel like a different person? Because when i wrote that blog to you 24 hours ago I was in the problem, now I’m in the solution. I found the solution by contemplating and setting the rules that i wish to live by and no sooner had i created them i started to incorporate them into my day today.

I had a great day working for This Morning in Aberdeen but i was even more empowered by the goal setting i spent an hour doing on the flight back to London. You see, like a relationship, a business can take up a lot of your time and you can spend a lot of time and effort trying to take it in a certain direction at a blistering pace. Maybe if you’re travelling too fast, you miss the mistakes as they flash by?

Having taken my own advice to slow down and simplify, earn less and create less pressure and more time, In that instant i was struck with a clarity and direction that wasn’t there before. I had asked myself questions like: 

‘How much time do i actually want to spend on the business on a daily basis’ and ‘How much do i want to earn in order to consider the business worthy of the time thats put in to it?’

Basic, general questions that get lost in the background when something becomes a daily habit that we begin to accept as ‘just the way it is’ instead of ‘actually the product of continued effort without assessment’

I consider myself fully reassessed today, its curious how having a plan has made me feel rooted, like I’m back on the right path instead of drifting aimlessly just repeating the same pattern day after day. Its my own stupid fault for not having a coaching session for ages.  

Being able to sort everyone else problems doesn’t mean that you don’t automatically go through anything yourself. I have 16 other coaches i could turn to for that hour of being listened to and asked the questions I’ve inevitably just asked myself but sometimes we like to complicate matters so we ignore the easy route preferring the challenging route instead. 

The benefits of asking questions of yourself are evident in my last two pieces. If you feel like somethings off kilter but don’t quite know what and why, the typical thing we do is to just power on through it, but that just delays the inevitable, a form of denial we use as a mechanism to protect ourselves. What would really help is for you to ask, whats contributing to this feeling? List the responses then order them in terms of which is having most impact and so on. 

Then look at the solutions to each, how can you reduce the impact that each area is having? When you chop things down into smaller pieces its easier to digest right? problems are no different, as a coach we chop problems down into smaller pieces and individually they are far easier to straighten out than when you tackle the dilemma as a whole.

I shouldn’t be giving all of my secrets away otherwise we’ll all be running around calling ourselves coaches but i just wanted to highlight that there is a real technique to overcoming troublesome situations and maintaining a healthy, balanced, fulfilling life. I have no doubt my life is significantly better off for having attained the knowledge to coach others and bringing us back neatly to the point, to know what questions to ask myself, even if i should have just had an hour with a coach!