What Is Life Coaching?

Lets clear up the biggest misconception straight away, the term ‘coaching’ is thought to imply that I or another would tell you what to do, that we would advise, guide and correct you. Well that Is NOT what Life Coaching is about.

A ‘life coach’ needs no experience of what you wish to discuss, It can work equally as well if there Isn’t because then the intuitive questions will flow which, coupled with the techniques we have learnt and the listening skills we posses, will enable you to go further towards answering your own questions with a certainty and conviction you didn’t realise you had.

I remember very clearly my first coaching session two years ago. I was motivated, full of ideas and ambitions but also overwhelmed and confused by the volume of it all and, with the added weight of life’s responsibilities, I never knew quite where to start.

When, after a chance recommendation, I sat down with my coach and I found myself speaking fluently about everything I wanted to do which is as far as I would usually get. The coaching enabled me to categorise each area and be able to develop my intentions under each heading. I was saying what I wanted but then, most importantly, discussing how and when I would perform each task.

Suddenly I had a plan instead of a list. The plan had many layers, I knew what I was doing each day for the next two weeks, and, with the spare time I had committed to the process, my goals couldn’t not be achieved. There was nothing standing in my way, I challenged myself afterwards; what had actually been removed.

The main answer to that question was indecision. I had committed to several actions scheduled in precise moments of the week. No longer would I waste days and weeks going round and round in circles saying I wanted to do something but not actually making it happen.

That’s when I realised what Life Coaching is. It’s a very beneficial form of ‘me time’.

An hour spent identifying what you want and then systematically establishing how and when you go about getting it. It’s a magic wand that shifts perspective, overcomes barriers and gives even the most confusing and muddled of minds complete clarity and direction.

Clarity, focus, direction, confidence, belief… what wonderful things to give yourself.

You don’t need to have a major drama unfolding in your life to benefit from coaching, you can be the most headstrong and successful businessman, the fact is, it’s a shortcut to your goals because the product of coaching is complete efficiency; minimising time and effort wasted and maximising the amount any individual can get done in any period of time.

Through coaching I have become a better presenter, father and person. I have more focus than I ever believed possible, my confidence has increased in all the very best of ways and I totally believe in myself and my ability to achieve whatever it is I dare to dream for. I feel limitless and I get great satisfaction from seeing a client go through the same process of enlightenment; sometimes the sessions are as profound as ‘life changing’. That is how I can best describe to you what Life Coaching looks, feels and sounds like to me.