About Jeff

A collector of hats and juggler of balls.

TV presenter, radio broadcaster, brand ambassador, content creator.  

Life Coach, NLP practitioner, author, UEFA B football coach.

Follower of the lower leagues, speak a good game about a good game.  

Podcast host and clothing brand founder.

Passionate about recovery and self-development, I like to share my own experiences to guide and support others. Therapy goer, big listener, explorer of people’s problems and facilitator of solutions.

Father of two teenage children, learning to step back to empower independence. CrossFit, meditation and cycling obsessive, also hooked on hitting tiny balls with long sticks around the countryside. Happiest in front of an open fire.  One half of a strong team – often kept in line by my wife Kate.  

My view on life? It is a simple game but for the complications given to us by others or those we bring upon ourselves. Things can always be more straightforward if we are willing to adapt. Know your values, have goals, make sure your calendar represents both.