I’m a qualified life coach, NLP practitioner, TV presenter, father of two and Uefa B License football coach. When it comes to life coaching, I have layers upon layers of life experience which helps me truly understand others. I was fostered at a very young age, having been born to a teenage mother and a biological father who didn’t like the idea of being a dad. He was then sadly taken in an accident when I was nine years old consigning me to the undesirable reality that I would never meet him.

I endured years of growing up in a volatile home and later the ‘adventure’ of running away with my mum and brother to get away from her toxic relationship with my stepfather. I became a dad myself at a young age, had an interesting few years trying desperately to keep a family together and then nearly 9 years ago my children tragically lost their mother, meaning I was to take full responsibility for their upbringing. For them I strive to be a good role model in the constant hope that they are lucky enough to have the kind of relationship with their father that was not to be for me. They are now 12 and 13 and I am currently embracing/surviving the teenage years! Thankfully I have always opted to see the bright side of everything, choosing to look forwards and seeking to understand the behaviour of those around me, instead of being permanently limited by it.

I believe that this perspective has enabled me to move on and get ahead in life. I haven’t stopped developing and learning since which is why a career in the development of others suits me down to the ground. As far as my likes and dislikes go, I’m a football coach which also brings me enormous amounts of joy. I love writing, Scrabble, Tottenham FC, Cross Fit, Bikram, Cycling and cooking – maybe not in that order! I live in Essex with my partner Kate and of course my children, Bobby and Freddy.