Become a Life Coach

If you’re looking to become a life coach I can certainly vouch for the experience as a whole. There are two main benefits; you spend a certain amount of time each week simply helping people which in turn creates a very strong sense of satisfaction and fulfilment.

It’s not just the act of helping, it is the way it’s carried out; listening, not judging, knowing the right questions to ask, detaching from ego and not sharing opinions. The type of help you learn to be proficient in makes you a better person, a better partner, employee, colleague, parent and friend. The tools you learn as a coach are too powerful not to use in every single facet of your existence.

Personally speaking, I loved the experience of re-education, building on what I recognised to be raw characteristics and traits that made me feel suited to helping others. Gaining a qualification, the first for many years, and the realisation that there was something very special about aligning my qualities and experience with an exciting new career path has been so fulfilling. It has proven itself to be limitless in its uses.

I instantly changed the way I listen, the way I interact and my self-esteem climbed as a result of feeling like I was fulfilling a true purpose. Each time I truly enjoy sitting with someone and helping them move forwards in finding their own solutions, ones they never knew existed before they were coached.

I have been a part of life changing realisations and transformations. I have helped people plan, manage, clarify and create. I have given awareness, eliminated misconceptions and generated more gratitude from people than I know what to do with. I haven’t just improved the lives of others through coaching, I instantly and irreversibly improved my own as well.

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