Coaching & Self Development

Having experienced a difficult childhood – from living in a volatile home environment and being fosters, through to losing the father I never met – I have found myself as an adult asking questions of human behaviour.

I somehow found an understanding and acceptance of my circumstances, even at such a young age, which helped me to emotionally survive.  It is probably of little coincidence therefore that I would turn to a qualification in talking therapies in my early thirties, so I could develop my natural interest in self-development and the creation of solutions.

Qualifying over five years ago now, I am very proud of my work as a coach and NLP practitioner. I have since worked with hundreds of clients and businesses and value the immense satisfaction I get from helping others identify their goals and clarify their intentions.

I achieve this not by advising, making judgements or sharing opinions, but by asking searching questions, shifting perspectives and helping the client explore their own thoughts that will instigate a lasting change.

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