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Sessions are 1 hour long and can be face to face, over Skype, at my practice at The Shard, London Bridge or over the phone. Taking notes is encouraged but not vital and sessions are comfortable, relaxed and empowering leading to a gratifying relief for finding you’re able to talk freely about yourself without the fear of being judged.

A coaches role is to listen attentively ensuring the comfort of our client, never interrupting nor leading in our responses, delivering perspective shifting questioning that encourages our clients to unfold, clarify and progress.

We use a range of bespoke techniques that give the session a structure even though you may often feel like its just a really comfortable chat with a willing pair of ears. The techniques all coaches are very well versed in help to ensure that all sessions are progressive, measurable and insightful and as i often say, nobody ever moves sideways or backwards!

I will also just like to cover that a coach doesn’t need to know anything about your background or situation ahead of the session. We don’t need to be an expert in your subject area be it bereavement or anxiety or anything in between simply because, firstly, the coach will not be sharing opinions with you and confusing you with their perspective, and also because the best coaches ask inquisitive questions that will naturally generate as the conversation grows.

I have a team of coaches based all over the UK and even if a face to face is not possible we can coach anyone in any location as long as you have Skype.

The recommended amount of sessions to have is a minimum of three and the average is six to bring about and maintain any lasting change to your circumstances although some clients have a monthly check in and use coaching for advancement and prevention as well as some who have had the odd session here and there that just needed to talk and clarify a decision. There is no right or wrong, it is of course at your discretion.

If you’re ready to invest your time into trying a form of development that brings excellent results time and time again, helping you to see what it is that you’re currently missing, please enter your details below and we will contact you via whatever means you specify very shortly for a no obligation discussion about your requirements moving forwards.

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